What feelings do you resist, dislike, escape from, feel frustrated towards, try to control? 🤔

See those? Those are all RESISTANCES


✅ feeling frustrated that you feel anxious keeps anxiety going
✅ feeling disgust towards sadness keeps that sadness going
✅ hating fear keeps that fear going
✅ feeling angry that you feel hurt keeps the hurt going

Now, you have to know that ANY form of resistance towards feelings does one thing only: It adds layers of extra feelings and unnecessary suffering

that have NOTHING to do with the real feeling — whether it’s anxiety, dissociation, ocd, overthinking etc.

So what you want to do here is you want to remove what i call the “reactive feelings”, feelings that we feel to fight or escape from the “original feelings” 😁

The more reactive feelings are: Frustration, anger, anxiety, disgust and hate
Hating anxiety, disliking fear, being anxious that you’re going to feel angry, feel angry instead of hurt, etc.

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So how do you APPLY this as far as healing from dissociation and anxiety?

Well you want to focus on what is the ORIGINAL feeling, and what is the REACTION to that feeling

So if you feel hurt, so be it.

If you feel sad, so be it.

If you feel anxious, so be it, leave it there, dont start reacting and panicking and being angry that you feel anxious because you dont want to feel anxious because you shouldnt have anxiety because you should have overcome it by now and i just wish i didnt have anxiety because of that mistake i did in the past blah blah blah

If you feel scared, feel the fear, dont start hating the fear because you should be stronger

If you feel angry, feel the anger, thats it, dont start reacting to that anger thinking that you shouldnt be angry because anger is bad and instead you should be scared of anger and you should try to predict when it shows up

If you feel shame, then just feel that shame, dont start hating the shame because it makes you weaker and you are strong and people think you are strong so you shouldnt give the impression that you are weak blah blah blah

You want to experience the energy of the emotion FULLY and to always remember that any form of interruption, questioning, resistance, explanations immediately interrupts the flow of the feeling and you’re back in your mind

..that emotion (anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, hurt, etc.) keeps being stuck in your body and bang you keep struggling with the same problems year after year

See how many layers of unnecessary suffering get added on top of one simple feeling? 🤔

All those resistances and extra layers of reactive feelings are like brakes that slow down your progress tremendously

Remove those brakes. Feel whatever you need to feel without adding extra stuff, reactions, yes but, i dont like this feeling, hating it, escaping from it, explaining it, etc.

Giuseppe Tavella, DPDR & Dissociation Specialist