Acceptance not working? Distraction not working? Grounding techniques not working? Muscle relaxation techniques not working? Breathing techniques not working?

Almost every person that books a discovery call with me has extensively applied one or more of these ‘solutions’: acceptance, distraction, grounding, muscle relaxation, breathing – yet they have seen very little improvements, if at all

Knowing the solutions you’ve applied and what the situation in this industry is, i’ve decided to debunk some myths and instead of giving you a “just accept it allow it” advice squeezed in 5 minutes videos so you get that daily dose of reassurance and comfort (which doesnt improve anything), i’ve decided to explain how this all works

Below you find two videos i made where i explain why those ‘solutions’ dont work (75 minutes in total of precise explanations)

The question is: HOW is it possible that most dpdr and anxiety gurus say that you just need to accept, you just need to distract yourself, you just need to calm down your body – yet i have so many people telling me that they’ve been doing that for months and years and it just doesnt work? 🤔

WHY do these techniques not work? WHEN? Whats going on here but most importantly what can you do about it and what are some actual solutions?

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist