😍 Things are more normal, more real, less fragmented.. + GOLDEN tips

😍 Things are more normal, more real, less fragmented.. + GOLDEN tips

..after years of anxiety, self-doubt, social anxiety, dissociation

Do you want me to simplify your life?

So let me share this secret.. at the end of the day no matter how complex you think your situation is and long you’ve had it

it all comes down to not feeling good enough, feeling unloved, feeling unsafe, fear of rejection/ abandonment/ betrayal, fear of being hurt, fear of being yourself, etc. and THIS creates a state of constant survival in which your body/mind create these symptoms as a RESULT

Now you’re thinking no no but the symptom the symptom I just need to get rid of it can you give me a few tips how can I get rid of it blah blah oh no I’m so scared it’s going to come back blah blah

Garbage. That is intellectual garbage and overreactive thinking. It has nothing to do with the real problem.

The symptom is not the problem. The symptoms are the result of your body-mind being in a state of psychological and physical survival. The solution to ‘remove’ symptoms is to calm down your body-mind by resolving and healing whatever has threatened, undermined, questioned, interrupted this safety.

The solution to feel safe is to (specific example so you get the point) tell your ex that he treated you like shit and that you’re strong now and that you’ve come a long way and you don’t need to please people anymore and you’re good as you are and you’re not an helpless kid anymore

This understanding, reframing, recontextualizations generate safety, love, compassion, courage. These ‘more positive’ feelings and understanding in turn override the most negative ones, and instead of fear and survival, you start to feel more joy, happiness, love, feeling good about yourself, feeling safe to be yourself and in your body and all that good stuff

Therefore the symptoms stuff and how you feel on a day to day basis is going to sort itself out on its own. That’s it. This is the only direction you need to follow.

You don’t focus on the problem you focus on the solution so there’s no problem left to solve in the first place because when you feel good about yourself and you know your needs will be met, why on earth would you start to create an unsafety symptom like anxiety if you feel good about yourself? Focus on solution – that’s it problem solved. Welcome new life.

The rest is useless theories, intellectual garbage and symptoms coping that has nothing to do with the real, subconscious, emotional, problem.

Another incredible student with incredible results 🥰