“How to solve anxiety and dissociation” you’re wondering?

Here’s what I’ve learned from having extremely positive experiences with people that have had amazing breakthroughs from decades of anxiety and dissociation in hours, and very negative experiences with people that didn’t follow the process and gave me excuses

Since I’ve experienced both sides of the spectrum, as well as its nuances, I am in the position to give you the most objective, realistic and comprehensive view on how to finally solve this once and for all.

REGARDLESS of symptoms and ‘mental problems’ (I said, REGARDLESS of symptoms and their nuances and emotional details), here’s how it works.

This is the REAL problem: feeling unsafe, powerless, out of control, pleasing, fear of rejection, fear of being in this world, of being yourself, fear of being hurt, abandoned, betrayed

This is the REAL solution: feeling safe, confident, powerful, taking your power back, what’s on me and what’s on people, forgiving yourself, loving yourself, recontextualizing doubts/blocks/negative thoughts/anxiety as belonging to a younger you (recontextualization #1) that didn’t know any better and was so smart and creative that came up with those protection mechanisms (recontextualization #2) and those thoughts and feelings were accurate to help you in that period of your life where you needed them given the circumstance and knowledge you had at that time (recontextualization #3) and those thoughts belong to my parents and I believed them because I was innocent and that’s what kids do and to survive we believe them (recontextualization #4) and you go and give some love to that younger you

This helps you understand on a more technical level how it’s possible to get incredible results in minutes and hours under hypnosis, simply by knowing the exact TIMING and CONTEXT of when to deliver one of those recontextualizations, and in SECONDS, your brain goes from “anxiety is the problem” to “wait that was a protection mechanism that doesn’t have any relevance to my life now and I forgive myself”

By identifying the context and perimeter around the usefulness of the ‘problem/symptom’ in which it exists, and by recontextualizing the problem/symptom like in the examples above, you can easily let it go
In layman’s terms, the solution you’re looking for is a “feeling to feeling” solution

It’s not a “mental thing to feeling” solution. Not an “obsession to feeling” solution. Not a “thinking my way out” solution. Not an “obsessing and thinking more” solution.

What you’re looking for and need is a “feeling to feeling” solution, meaning that you replace the real subconscious feeling (say feeling unsafe) and, after some recontextualization on the usefulness, context, perimeter of that protection/ problem/ block/ symptom, you replace it with a more powerful feeling (say love, compassion, forgiveness)

That’s it this is the only solution you need, from REAL PROBLEM (a subconscious feeling) to REAL SOLUTION (recontextualization and more powerful feeling). That’s it. The rest is theories, bs, coping with symptoms, talking about symptoms, complicated academic fluff from people that have never done it in practice, fixing symptoms only to find yourself back to square one a few months down the line, acceptance and distraction which means no don’t solve the real problem just accept that it’s there and pretend that your subconscious doesn’t exist, etc.

Do you want a solution or to cope? Do you want to solve the real problem so that symptoms leave indirectly, or to ‘fix’ symptoms only to find yourself back to square one?

It’s not hard. It’s not this mess that you think it is. It’s much simpler than you think. You just have to be ready to do it NOW, to let go NOW, to love yourself NOW, to follow the process NOW and to have an expert guide you with a proven method. That’s it.

I’m here to give you solutions to the real problem.