😍 Preparing a new video: WHY and WHEN acceptance does NOT work [MUST SEE] 😯

If you notice, all these anxiety and dissociation experts copy the same “allow and accept” strategies from the same source: Claire Weekes and all the other experts that have taught acceptance and/or techniques to relax your body decades ago. Isnt it so? 😏

Im not gonna mention their names but you know who they are.. almost every expert in the anxiety and dissociation domain!!

Realistically, almost every single anxiety expert, youtuber, guru, dpdr specialist or counselor, whatever you wanna call them out there that talk about anxiety and dpdr/dissociation – their approach is mostly the same and can be summarized in only 3 phrases:

✅ just allow and accept the feelings & symptoms
✅ relax your body with these body techniques
✅ try to live your life as normal as possible

What changes is their personality, charisma, teaching style, basic personal preferences but let’s be realistic: at the end of the day when you extract the substance it’s the same shit over and over again and if you’ve worked with them already you know very well what im talking about

They dont take into consideration the complexity and nuances of your feelings, the depth of the pain you’re holding inside, the unconscious ways in which you’re sabotaging yourself and so much more.. for them it’s just allow and accept and you should be fine and if it doesnt work it’s your problem! 🤣

Now, if you’re tired of being told “just accept your feelings and symptoms” and they’re gonna go away, and you’re tired of hearing the same shit over and over again from these anxiety/ dissociation/ stress/ trauma experts.. im here.

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It’s time to bring something new to the table, both unique and useful, more substance, some “transformational knowledge”, deep knowledge, how your mind actually works (not theories but real life experiences), etc. – not the same recycled advice over and over again 😅

It’s time to bring some depth, innovation and uniqueness and most importantly more powerful solutions to this impoverished domain which is mainly dpdr/dissociation but the anxiety domain too with all these copy and paste strategies and explanations copied from the same sources.

And thats why im here!!

Like me, i bet you’re tired of all the same copy and paste techniques and the same “it’s just anxiety” “just allow and accept” “breathe in slowly” “try to live your life as normal as possible” language and explanations you hear most of the time

So im here doing the opposite of what they’re doing: Right now Im preparing a video where im going to be explaining you precisely WHY and WHEN acceptance doesnt work and what to do instead 🎉

Some people “just allow and accept” and they’re fine. Some people do it for months and years on end and nothing changes on a fundamental level. I hear you and im here for you.

This video is going to help you understand whats really going. Deep and precise explanations. Stay tuned. Going to publish it next week.

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist