Hi, I'm Giuseppe.

I help sensitive and ambitious people feel calm, connected, authentic & confident in a few sessions without years of therapy.

I've helped people with chronic anxiety, dissociation, traumas, blocks, from all ages and situations - who had applied virtually every solution you can think of. Until they found me.

My most committed students now live the life and in the relationships, and future, they've always wanted.

If you were given a unique opportunity to work with the go-to expert that has helped dozens of people be free from decades of the problems you're experiencing - would you waste it?

Why This Is Different


I know what's out there. I know how average, oversimplistic, theoretical, ineffective information/ solutions are. Most professionals have little to no understanding of dissociation, and outdated or excruciatingly slow tools to help you. Your mind is my specialty


Most gurus in this industry give oversimplistic advice, a copy of each of other, are inconsistent and don't understand the subconscious - that's just a fact. I've finally brought light in this industry and I give new tools and unique knowledge to motivated people. I offer the best you can find out there


My knowledge and methods are straight to the point. I'm focused on results not theories, labels, validation, symptoms, talking, etc. My students have broken incredible records for how much better they feel after decades of anxiety and dissociation, and decades trying to figure this out. If you love no-bs methods, this is for you


My students have lasting breakthroughs in the first 1-2 hours. I expect that. Minimum standard. It's not about how much time you spend in therapy and how much you know - it's about knowing exactly what you're doing bypassing the conscious mind solving these "emotional problems" in "emotional ways"


I've worked with people who had decades of anxiety and dissociation and had applied virtually every solution you can think of. I'm specialized in psychological-based anxiety and dissociation (meaning when it's not triggered by substances, drugs, smoking or medical causes). This my talent, career and mission


I've built my business with the intention to give and give and change the world. When you see people comment they've learned more from my free content than in most paid courses. Whether you work with me or not, I have hundreds of video documentaries that will help you. But the smartest people take the opportunity.

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How I Can Help You

• I can help you feel calm, have clarity and space in your mind and be more focused - so you can easily sustain a conversation, be more productive and achieve your goals with more ease and motivation

• I can help you remove need for control, perfectionism, not feeling good enough, fear of being yourself, traumas, feeling unsafe that so often underlie and fuel anxiety and dissociation - and feel at peace with yourself in your mind and body

• I can help you feel grounded, present with your emotions, remove the emotional numbness and be authentic and spontaneous - so you can connect with people on deeper levels and have more fulfilling relationships

•I can help you feel present in your body by stopping the overthinking and obsessing and dissociating - so you can feel present and "here" and be the person, partner, parent, friend you want to be and be there for the people that you love

• I can help you remove that negative inner voice, intrusive and existential thoughts, self-doubt and compulsions - so you can be yourself and conquer your life and goals