My name is Giuseppe Tavella and after many years healing myself my passion now is helping sensitive, heart-centered and conscious people permanently heal their past, anxiety and dissociation patterns, rebuild themselves and be unstoppable.
Gone are the days where you have to go to therapy every week, talk about your problems and cross fingers you see a difference..

my innovative method works well with individuals who are serious about improving their mental health efficiently, as well as organizations who want to increase performance and income by increasing employee emotional wellbeing.

With 9+ years in the field, 100's of success stories, and the most cutting-edge healing and coaching methods, my students are transforming their emotional life very quickly without years of coping, therapy and books.

Find out why this is not what you already know. Watch the success stories of my students and start your new life full of trust, joy, confidence, secure in yourself and more carefree in weeks, not years.


We can help you at our best only if you are ready to make a serious change and you've confirmed it's a 100% emotion based condition.


We are focused on getting you results in the very first session. You will face your deepest fears and enjoy a renewed quality of life. No fluff.


100's success stories and in-depth documentaries. Hear unique stories and touch first-hand how our students have done it. No secrets.


Recognized as mind and dissociation expert by dozens of happy students and industry leaders. Selected by Brainz Magazine for original insights.

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