Solve Anxiety & Dissociation Fast

Hi, my name is Giuseppe and I help sensitive people create inner peace, feel calm & connected, love themselves and be authentic by overcoming anxiety/dissociation


THE #1 FACT. The fact is this. You see many people recover just by accepting dissociation and anxiety, by distracting themselves, by doing a few mental tricks to convince your brain that you are not in danger or telling yourself this it’s going to pass or that it’s just anxiety, by doing a few stress release exercises, and they get better. So you hope you’ll be next. You hope by doing what most people are doing out there you’ll see the same results. Now let me tell you, it doesn’t work like that. Sometimes it’s as simple as accepting or distracting yourself from dissociation and anxiety until they go away, and that’s fine, it works for some people. Sometimes that’s not the case and you need a much deeper and more powerful solution that works on the emotions. That’s why I’m here.

WHAT YOU’VE TRIED. After years of research and experience, I’ve created a unique, deep and powerful method to solving anxiety and/or dissociation which does not rely on: acceptance, distraction, meds & supplements, training, diets & detox, talk therapy & counselling, grounding & mindfulness techniques, body-based & stress release techniques, psychoanalysis, progressive exposure, solving symptoms one by one, “try to live your life as normal as possible” and for god’s sake, definitely not coping techniques and mental tricks!

A NEW WAY. I work with the subconscious mind and with the emotions where the real problem started, and where the real problem gets solved. This method is as real as it gets to solving the real problem – no more solving symptoms, coping, accepting, distracting, mental tricks, etc. So if none of those solutions have worked so far and you’ve either seen little improvement but you still felt pretty much the same, or they didn’t help at all, and you know that “it’s deeper than this” “it’s an emotional thing” “it’s something I’m doing in my head” “it’s an habit I’ve learned” “experiences in my life led me to develop these issues” and it’s clear that there are very emotional causes – I’m aware of it and I’ve created this unique, deep and powerful solution precisely for you


  • I can help you feel calm, have clarity and space in your mind and be more focused – so you can sustain a conversation, be more productive and achieve your goals with more ease and motivation

  • I can help you remove need for control, perfectionism, not feeling good enough, fear of being yourself, past traumas, feeling unsafe in your own body that so often underlie and fuel anxiety and dissociation – and feel at peace with yourself in your mind and body

  • I can help you feel grounded, present with your emotions, remove the emotional numbness and be authentic and spontaneous – so you can connect with people on deeper levels and have more fulfilling relationships

  • I can help you feel present in your body by stopping the overthinking and obsessing and dissociating – so you can feel present and “here” and be the person, partner, parent, friend you want to be and be there for the people that you love

  • I can help you remove that negative inner voice, intrusive thoughts, self-doubt and compulsions – so you can be yourself and conquer your life and goals

REAL people. REAL results.


BEFORE: self-doubt, fears of people, dissociation, procrastination, overthinking, negative thoughts

AFTER: feeling safe, present and grounded, calm, having clarity in goals, feeling confident, happier, no more negative voice


BEFORE: intense overthinking, feeling detached, existential rumination, obsessing, dpdr

AFTER: free of overthinking, calm, present, happier, focused, empowered, feeling real


BEFORE: emotional numbness, depression, suicidal thoughts, dissociation, dysfunctional relationships, traumas

AFTER: empowered, loving life, no more negative voice, standing up for herself, healthier relationships, respected


BEFORE: intense overthinking and racing thoughts, constant dpdr, snapping, anxiety, traumas

AFTER: head pressure gone, clarity in mind, confident, assertive, calm, safe, great nights sleep, loving herself