My name is Giuseppe, I will teach how to advance in your creative career, be present for the people you love, get productive in your work and feel joy in life by removing anxiety & dissociation



My students accomplish in hours what most people accomplish in years with most methods and generalists out there or even worse on their own. Quick and permanent it's all about precision not amount of time or work because we solve the real problem for good


I know what's out there and what you've tried. You are here because it's not helping you the way you'd like to. I'm here to give you what's proven to work. Let's solve this for good and your future feeling confident and never have to worry if this will come back


While most people settle for coping and "living with it" or waste time figuring this out on their own, my students have accomplished incredible records how much better they feel after decades of anxiety and dissociation. It's very direct and straight to the point


I love to work with sensitive and ambitious people who love to create a positive impact in the world and help people. People worldwide use my unique work and knowledge to be better mums, dads, entrepreneurs, create better lives, friendships, families, careers and futures


This is the new life my students experience by learning and working with me:

waking up - feeling much more alive, energetic, joy, excited about life that a new day is beginning and looking forward to conquering your goals and feel fulfilled by the end of the day

feeling & living - much more energy, trusting your intuition, life is more colorful, alive, connected, authentic confidence to overcome whatever life throws at you

body - all that body/head tension released, body is calm, connection with your body, mind is calm, you feel 'here'

social life - saying and going for what you want without second guessing, speaking your truth, choosing people that serve you, feeling good and valuing yourself, setting boundaries and feeling respected, present in conversations

family - be a rock and inspiration for people you love, better take care of people you love by being more present and stronger, feeling fulfilled people can rely on you because you're emotionally stable and strong

intimacy - a deep feeling of trust, peace, safety that letting go and expressing my real feelings everything is going to be ok

career - more confidence in your work, more financial fulfillment, feeling fulfilled you're growing in your career because you can focus and are confident to ask for what you want, put yourself out there and take action

confidence & future - excited for your future, taking on new challenges, sense of challenge and purpose that you're accomplishing something meaningful, confidence to go and get what you want out of life

productivity - more memory retention, getting much more stuff done, mind is much more positive because it's out of survival state and is free to actually move forward and feel excited about the future

sleep - better and restful sleep, waking up feeling much more energized, looking forward to a new day